Hidden in Plain Sight March - 2022

Hidden in Plain Sight takes up residence at The Faculty of Law, University of Otago from March - November 2022 as part of Art in Law XIX. The project will utilize the 9th and 10th floors of the Richardson building on campus [University of Otago] as a test space, mapping the progress of the project and the evolution of the creative outputs. Works will also include interactive elements which encourage individuals to participate through engagement in both physical and digital territories/spaces. 
The project will use this time to showcase new works through a series of revolving exhibitions which will function as 'data events' across a range of dates for 2022. 
Art in Law XIX, is a part of a series of exhibitions between the Faculty of Law, University of Otago, and Dunedin School of Art [Otago Polytechnic] with Hidden in Plain Sight the 19th inception. Special thanks to Marion Wassenaar [Lecturer at Dunedin School of Art], and Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere [Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law] for facilitating this opportunity. 




*More details soon.